I have worked several other jobs, but it came full circle when I moved back to Alabama & was a clinical adjunct at JSU.

by Beverly (Miliner) Brown- 1978

My time at JSU was a great time of maturing and establishing priorities. My most exciting and somewhat frightening time was the home visits we made in Community Heath. On one occasion I learned how to jump very quickly in my car after being greeted by a huge dog. Dean Watts had forewarned us, but I was quite shocked, but glad I knew how to sprint fast.

Since becoming a nurse, I have been a DON, Department Director, Director of Risk Management and had many more opportunities. Thanks to the training and the resilience I learned at JSU, I have become a woman of strength and perseverance.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior on the campus, as well as my wonderful husband of now 38 years.